Discover Unapp

All you need to enjoy the city you love.

Lots of apps yet only one. One account for all, and infinite things to do - more to come.

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We love brick and mortar

But we’re nerds too! We are building tools that enhance your encounters with businesses you can visit IRL. That’s right, there’s a whole world beyond online shopping.

A home for all

We still like some tools out there though - they’re powerful. With Unapp, you’ll be able to connect your favs in one place - no more searching! We have MINDBODY now, more to come later.

“Solution... blah blah... disrupt...“ lol

If you want a haircut, book a haircut at a salon, don’t go searching for a booking platform first. Unapp is about you and a direct means to your end.

A control for stores

Getting rid of single purpose apps on your phone sounds good right? Imagine a magic remote control for local businesses. That’s where we’re headed after the basics.

We are integrating with services used by your favorite businesses.

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and more to come…