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More services to come, see below!

Does your business run on MINDBODY? If so, you are steps away
 from having a beautiful, custom storefront for your business.

More services to come, see below!

Put your brick-and-mortar business in your customer’s pocket
 without the hassle of creating and maintaining your own app.

The features of a custom app

at a fraction of the cost

  • An intuitive, beautiful interface
  • Simple booking and product interfaces
  • Team profiles that put a face to your business
  • Logical menus that make sense for your services
  • And so much more

Ready-made solutions that are constantly evolving,
 and custom-built features when you need that extra something special

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We are also hard at work integrating

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and more…

Your customers are mobile, are you?

We want to change the way you think about making your business mobile.

  • One App, Unapp

    Customers don’t want the hassle of downloading dozens of individual apps. We want to put their favorite businesses under one roof.

  • Shared Benefits

    When you’re part of the Unapp community, you’ll be featured on our map. Get seen by customers of other great local businesses.

  • Quality

    We know how to build high-quality app. We’re creating the features you need right now. Don’t waste time and money trying to build them yourself.

  • Cost

    We’re focused on providing solutions with affordable monthly costs. We need to talk to work out what’s right for you, but think double digits.

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Is Unapp right
 for my business?

If you’re brick-and-mortar, we’re ready for you. We are talking to:

  • Yoga studios
  • Salons
  • Art shops
  • Retail stores
  • Fitness studios

and more. So, yes!

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